SR Sessions at the Mid-Atlantic AAR on March 5

Here is the lineup for the three SR sessions scheduled for the mid-Atlantic AAR gathering happening at Loyola University Maryland, in Columbia, MD. 

Expanding Scriptural Reasoning
Thursday, Session 1 (#6): 10:30am

Moderator: Matthew Vaughan, Union Theological Seminary (

"Prophetic Scriptural Reasoning"
Stanley Talbert, Union Theological Seminary

"Scriptural Reasoning, Internal Libraries, and Reader Response Theory"
Kevin Seidel, Eastern Mennonite University

"One Reality- Many Texts?: Reading the Bible in the Pluralistic Context of India"
Geomon George, City Seminary of New York


Critiquing Scriptural Reasoning
Thursday, Session 2 (#6): 1:15pm

Moderator: Anna Moreland, Villanova University (

"Exploring the Structural Problematic of Postliberalism as a Foundation within the Practice of Scriptural Reasoning"
David Dault, Independent Scholar

"With a Lowercase S: Scriptural Reasoning and The Religiously Unaffiliated"
Ryan Higgins, Jewish Theological Seminary of America


Risky Business: The Burdens and Fruits of Reparative Reasoning
Thursday, Session 3 (#6): 3:15pm

Moderator: Randi Rashkover, George Mason University (

"From Generality to Vagueness: Peirce’s Re-reading of the Pragmatic Maxim"
Nauman Faizi, University of Virginia

"Qur’an and Woman and the Hermeneutics of Tawhid: Amina Wadud’s Reading of the Qur’an"
Sara Aziz, University of Virginia

"Law and the Logic of Inquiry: The Collapse of Legal Reasoning in a Pakistani Court"
Zain Moulvi, University of Virginia