To coordinate and cultivate the practice of Scriptural Reasoning (SR) across North America.


We envision a network of Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others who come together for shared scriptural study in academic and non-academic settings throughout North America.

In academic settings, we envision various forms of SR used in the classroom to invigorate student learning, to strengthen relationships among students and faculty, and to model new kinds of civic conversation. We envision SR used to support multi-campus conversations about issues that matter to university communities. And we envision the practice of SR used for intellectual projects among faculty from various disciplines and universities. 

In non-academic settings, we envision SR used among working professionals, both clergy and non-clergy, to build friendships and generate new ideas about important civic issues.

We envision the SR Network forming a two-way bridge between those working inside and outside the university for their mutual benefit. This bridge of collaboration will be a way for academics to share what they've learned about SR with a broader audience outside the university, and this bridge will be a way for academics to learn from those outside the university who are also experimenting with SR.

In all these SR sessions, inside and outside the university, we will make room for confessional particularity and mutual understanding, repair relationships within and between the three Abrahamic faiths, and demonstrate the possibilities of a more honest, respectful, and peaceful public discourse.

Individually and collectively, members of SRN will lead by example, inspiring others in their cities and universities to build relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, and compassion.



We value the process of shared scriptural study for its own sake and for the fruit it bears in our individual and communal lives.  

We value hospitality, making the tent of Scriptural Reasoning a welcome place for practitioners of all backgrounds.

We value the repair of broken relationships, which begin to mend through shared scriptural study and the prophetic vision of a more just and peaceful world.

We value receptivity to the presence of God, allowing this presence to flow through us in kind, vulnerable, responsive conversation with one another.

We value Scripture as a sacred source of life for the Abrahamic faith traditions, and we believe the communal reading of scripture to be a regenerative and restorative activity.

We value the lived experience of all SR participants, whether that experience is training in a particular academic discipline, training in an outside-the-university profession, religious experience as part of a faith community, or ordinary life experience—all of this is worth bringing to our conversation about scripture.

We value particular callings. Not every academically trained person in the network has to do everything that the network as a whole will do. Some academics will be more attuned to what is happening inside the university, some to what is happening outside, some will move in-between.

We value humility, embracing our potential while acknowledging our limits.  

We aspire to embody the scriptural exhortation to love God and neighbor with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our might.